Thursday, October 02, 2014

Missing Pieces No. 5

I just finished reading Dragon Roots Presents Missing Pieces Volume 5 featuring stories by C. E. Rocco, Catherine Fitzsimmons, Ed Russell, J. K. Dwornik, Kimber Grey, Nathan Marchand, Paul Lell, Thomas Gondolfi, Maxwell Alexander Drake, and J. T. Harke. Plus new short shorts from the Rocco Children. This book was a collection of fantasy short stories. It also featured advice from the various authors on the craft of writing. In reading anthologies I usually just pick out three stories that really made an impression on me. All of the short stories were pretty good, although, the short story by J. T. Hartke was more of an excerpt than a complete short story.
The three stories that made an impression on me were:
 1. Tribute by C. E. Rocco (It tells the story of what happened to all of the little folk in his fictional universe.)
2. Mixed Blessings by Edward J. Russell (It's about a fight between a gnome and a squid faced wizard. I really enjoyed the mace that communicated telepathically with the gnome.
3. Drinking the Kool-Aid by Thomas Gondolfi (It was more of a cyberpunk story than a straight fantasy. I enjoyed how Augustine defeated her computer teacher)
 There was some awesome artwork for the cover of the Paul Lell story that I thought I would mention in this post.

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