Friday, September 09, 2011

Giants and Ancestors

I have been reading more blogs lately, spending more time searching for new insights. I have been reading blogs written by preachers, tarot card readers, and the like. They use different tools to try to achieve the same goal; namely happiness. I have read about over coming giants and turning to your ancestors for help. All of this is fine and is a great exercise in using your imagination. Your problems become giants and your solution is turning to help from either God or dead people. It depends on the problem and the circumstances of life and I have been giving some thought to the problem. It is all in how you perceive things. If you take things in a positive attitude, then you will be happy. Every challenge should be looked forward to as a chance to show off your greatness. Life is just living and how you take it deeps greatly on how you perceive it to be. Don’t expect too much and expect everything to go badly. If things turn out just a little bit better than that then you’ll be giving yourself a little gift. Find the good in any situation and things will start to turn around.

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