Friday, August 12, 2011

Life on Mars

The planet Mars is closer to the Earth than it has ever been. Is there life on the red planet? The photographs and our highly technologically developed instruments say no. Can we trust our photographs and highly developed instruments? If the life on Mars was five million years more advanced than we are, they could easily make our instruments say anything they want them to. Why stay hidden from us? The easy answer is they don't want to put up with our bull shit. To them, we are just primitive animals and they don't want to bring us to their level, for they know that when we get to their level, we will just conquer them. Why not just conquer our planet? The answer is, because H. G Wells is right. Their bodies don't have immunity to the diseases on our planet. So, they wait and watch. They have no interest in our planet and we will never have the technology to go theirs. Right now they could be working on medicines that would allow them come to our planet and if this happens it will be a dark day, indeed. They will destroy us. We are too divided and too primitive to think we can stop the Martians from invading us.
All we can do is hope and pray that the Martians will be unable to unlock the secrets to the diseases that plague this planet.

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