Saturday, July 09, 2011

Life Before Birth

A lot of people are curious as to the question is there life after death? That's an interesting question and most people I know would answer that with a big fat fucking yes, but the question that has been floating through my mind is this: "Is there life before birth?" Do we exist in some part of the galaxy, even before we are born? Haven't you ever got the feeling that you existed some where else before you were born? I am beginning to think that there is a possibility of life before birth.
I picture our life before birth as one of great joy and pleasure. We are spirits or lights floating around the universe wandering to and fro the heavens. We chat and play games with the other spirits, until one day we disappear. One by one, a material force gathers and imprisons us in a clay shell, thus our carefree existence is ruined. That's why we cry at birth, we are mourning and longing for our carefree life again.
Will we ever know the joy that we knew before our birth or are we destined to spend eternity in some hell? Who knows what is in store for us in the future? We don't know where we've been, so how the hell do we know where we are going?

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