Saturday, July 09, 2011

Life Before Birth

A lot of people are curious as to the question is there life after death? That's an interesting question and most people I know would answer that with a big fat fucking yes, but the question that has been floating through my mind is this: "Is there life before birth?" Do we exist in some part of the galaxy, even before we are born? Haven't you ever got the feeling that you existed some where else before you were born? I am beginning to think that there is a possibility of life before birth.
I picture our life before birth as one of great joy and pleasure. We are spirits or lights floating around the universe wandering to and fro the heavens. We chat and play games with the other spirits, until one day we disappear. One by one, a material force gathers and imprisons us in a clay shell, thus our carefree existence is ruined. That's why we cry at birth, we are mourning and longing for our carefree life again.
Will we ever know the joy that we knew before our birth or are we destined to spend eternity in some hell? Who knows what is in store for us in the future? We don't know where we've been, so how the hell do we know where we are going?

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


It has been a long time since I wrote a fresh blog post. I haven’t really thought of anything new to add to this thing, but I wanted to record, for my own personal reasons, the books that I am currently reading. One is the traditional book made of paper and the other book is a public domain on the sacred texts website. The first is The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland and other is Gods and Fighting Men by Lady Augusta Gregory.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


What is the value of knowledge? Just how much can a human being learn about anything? If you learned everything that everyone ever knew, would you know the complete truth concerning the universe or not? You would know a lot of useful stuff and some shit that was completely useless or would you? Is there any such thing as useless knowledge? When you learn something whether it is true or false it is classified as true knowledge or false knowledge. Most philosophers will tell you that true knowledge has value and false knowledge has zero value, but philosophy is more or less bunk (A lot like history). What really determines the value of knowledge? It is not important to determine whether or not the knowledge that you contain in your head is true knowledge or false knowledge. If you spend your time trying to do that, you will end up either killing yourself or you will become an unbearable asshole that no one wants to be around.
Let's say you start studying mythology and gain a shitload of knowledge on elves and let's also say you grow to believe in the existence of elves, based on your studies of mythology and folklore. Now, we all know that elves are bullshit, because they are not real. This doesn't mean that this knowledge is without value. If you write a top selling book or convince someone to believe in your idea, then your idea has value. Knowledge's value is not determined by whether it is true or false, but whether or not you can use that idea to better your living conditions.

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