Monday, June 06, 2011

Dream People

Dreams have always interested me. When we are dreaming and we have a conversation, just who are we really talking to? Is this image just a creation of our own my mind or is this image an outside force trying to communicate something grand to us. If we admit that the image is a product of our own mind, then we spend a lot of time talking to ourselves. If that's true, ninety percent of the world's population is fucked up. If we admit that the image is an outside force trying to communicate to us, then we open up a bigger can of worms. Is this force good or evil? Does it have our best interests at its heart? Where is the force? Is it of God or Satan? Maybe, both? Maybe, neither. It could be an alien being from another planet. It could a superior race of people inhabiting an unknown part of our own world. Maybe, we unknowingly communicate with each other in the dream state. Now, if that's true that really opens up a can of worms. That would mean that if we dreamt that we were having a fight with someone, we really are having a fight with someone. If we dreamt that we had sex with someone then we would really be having sex with someone. Just think how hard it is to maintain relationships in this reality, now, we have the dream people to worry about too. But, if the dream people are just products of our own minds, it is still a messed up world.

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