Saturday, March 12, 2011

Concerning Persona

Persona means the social front, facade, or mark an individual assumes to depict to the world at large the role in life that he is playing.
The above is a dictionary meaning of the word persona. It has been said by certain poet-philosophers that for every person we know is the same number of persons that we have within us. I know this to be true. To our parents we assume the role of children. To our children we assume the role of parents. To our brothers and sisters the role of sibling. The list goes on and on. We often bury our true selves under all these different masks that we have to put on. To some people, we are strong and brave. To others we are weak and cowardly. Some people look to us for guidance, while we are sheep to others. In life we are called upon to play our many roles. If we pay attention to the people around us we can play the part that they desire of us. But how bad it is when we get confused and play the wrong role to the wrong person. When this happens should we say, "I am sorry. I meant that for another?"
Would they understand? Will they admit that they are playing a part too? We must do that which is required of us. We must wear our masks and play our parts to perfection.
Woe to us if all our personas came out at once! It would be chaos and our mind would shatter under the strain.

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