Monday, March 07, 2011

Concerning Music

Music is a sound arranged in such a way as to reflect a mood. Music can sound beautiful; it can invoke a forgotten memory. Ah, the beauty of music. Some people claim that music is the universal language. There are few in the world that does not at least like some form of music. Music can make the day go by faster. It can paint a mental picture in our head. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then music is worth ten thousand pictures. All cultures at all times have made use of the power of music. Television shows and movies would be nothing without music.
Music sparks our imagination. It can lift us to the highest stars or sink into the lowest pits of hell. What kind of music we listen to, tells more about our character than nearly anything else we can do. We become our music. We are music. Our lives are music; the secret to the universe is music. Oh, glorious music the maker of nations, the great lover, the great friend, the perfect foe.
He who controls music controls the soul. Music is all around us. We hear it when we hear a waterfall; we hear it when we hear rain dripping into a bucket. Our whole lives are a musical that is sure to end on a tragic note. But, be not of despair for there is a universal hope of a new life. A resurrection piece should be played after the tragic note.
The most popular form of music is music concerning itself with love. Every form of music goes back to the greatest of human emotions, love. All classical music can be considered love music of sorts.
Music can be composed to cause hate, but that sort of music will fade from the collective human mind. The music of love is too powerful, it is too strong. In time it shall smash the hate music. And it shall stand alone and rule alone. The deeper and more interesting music shall destroy the fad music composed for the sole purpose of profit.
Music makes masters and slaves of us all. And it does these two things at the same time.

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