Saturday, March 05, 2011

Concerning Memory

Are there some memories in our head that don't belong to us? Could some of our memories in our head belong to our ancestors? This is a possibility. Our looks, personality, health, and everything about us have been determined by our genetic code handed down to us through our ancestors. It stands to reason that we should receive some memories from our great ancestors. Who has not seen a bonfire and thought of images of long ago? Who has not thought of the ancestors of long ago, while staring at a fire? Many Americans, I know, have visited the countries of their ancestors and felt they had been there before. Could this be a result of an inherent memory? Who has not been in the woods and not imagined a herd of buffaloes or imagined a great hunter from long ago? Could this be a result of an inherent memory?
Of course, there are a thousand different explanations to the questions above, but inherent memory is one possible explanation.

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