Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friendship and Fiction

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a fresh blog post. Between Fictionpress, Facebook, Blogs that I follow, and the weather channel's website to get the local weather conditions is how I spend most of my online time. The Internet doesn't seem quite as impressive to me as it once was. It seems to me to be too overwhelming. It will take many generations to see if it made any kind of a good impact on society. I would go so far as to say that in fifty years that it will create its own society with its own system of laws, maybe even its own reality separate from the reality in which I now dwell in. I think television has done that now to a point. How far does a person base their judgments on their own thoughts and not on the influence of a television program? Beauty, right and wrong, what to say and how to say it is fed to us by the flat screen box. It is better than being a mediaeval serf. In that time period, they told what to think and if you didn't they burnt you at the stake. At least that what they taught me in school, never really thought to question it. There's one thing I can say that the Internet has taught me. It has taught me not to get to worked up if I don't read how a fiction story ends. Most web writers never finish a story that they write. Which helps me when I start reading a book, if I don't like the plot I throw the book away. Since it's no longer so important to me to know how a story works out. My father once said that there was only seven different story lines and I think that I have read them all anyway. Once you read two or three books by an author, you've read every plot that they will ever use anyway. I notice that my stories repeat common themes. I write nearly everyone the same review like: Good job. Update soon. I really mean it. It's like hell what more do you want me to say? Usually, if someone whines for more I just stop reading their work. I mean damn it's just a fiction story, some BS amusement to pass the time and unwind from a day's work. Fiction never really meant much more to me than that. I think I'll post that on my profile at fp. I had a post idea about friendship, but everyone knows that friends come and go. Most people are friends with one another due to circumstances and when the circumstances change so do the friends. I might post that on my Facebook page. I have rambled enough, so happy reading. When you click off my page, I know you will forget me in a matter of moments. I'm ok with it, it is how the world wide web works.

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Blogger THE SPIRITUAL HOBO said...

I am a hobo with not much to do and I just happened to be passing through. I like your site, so now…
I’m following you.
Signed, hobo

9:08:00 AM  
Blogger CaptainCraft said...

Clever post. I hope you enjoy following me. Sometimes, I have thought about being a hobo.

7:19:00 PM  
Blogger THE SPIRITUAL HOBO said...

Then we should start with a new hobo handle. CaptainCraft is a great name but a new life style deserves a new label. If you allow me the pleasure I shall return with your hobo name CaptainCarft. Right now I gotta go let some cattle out of the barn. I hope your weather is better than ours is here.
I'll be back.
Signed, hobo

2:19:00 PM  
Blogger THE SPIRITUAL HOBO said...

How's that handle Captain ?

3:01:00 PM  

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