Monday, February 14, 2011

Concerning Love

Love is the attraction, desire, or affection felt for a person who arouses delight or admiration, or elicits tenderness, sympathetic interest or benevolence.
Above is the dictionary definition of the word love. Under this definition love is an attraction, a desire or affection felt for another person. The definition implies that the object of love must do something to arouse love. From this definition we learn that love is a two-way street. In order to be the object of love, you must invoke some kind of positive emotion. Some people we just naturally like. Some people have to earn our love. They don't have the surface qualities that we like. But when these people earn our love is it not a stronger love? It seems to pierce our soul deeper when a person, who we don't even like, earns our love. Some people we seek out for lovers are those who please the animal nature in us. The love we have for these people fades when that quality they had vanishes. Those who earn our love are those who we should desire.
How cruel it is for those who please our soul cannot please our flesh!
How cruel it is for those who please our flesh cannot please our soul! Love doesn't make much sense. It cannot be entirely explained. Many great poets and philosophers have been perplexed by love.
A hundred pains for one joy. A million teardrops for one smile. It consumes our flesh. It drains our strength, our wealth, our health, and this draining feeling makes us desire it more. Love is one animal that cannot be tamed no matter how clever we are.

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