Friday, February 11, 2011

Concerning Imagination Part 3

Imagination is a tool that is used by all writers, storytellers, musicians, occult members, philosophers, poets, scientists, etc. It is believed by some that there are different planes of reality in our world. This is true, at least on a certain level. We can get to another plane of reality simply by sitting in a room, in the forest, on a bus, or any where we are. It is a simple trick of the mind to leave this plane of reality and go to another. First, one should start forming images of the world they wish to visit. Paint this world in any fashion that you wish it to be. When the image of this world is in your mind, look ahead of you and picture this imaginary world in front of you. Keep concentrating on it, until you can see it and you know that it is there. Next, you will have to leave this world and go to that world. To do this, imagine a foot bridge over a gulf that separates you from the world that you are now in and the world that you want to go. Start walking this foot bridge, imagine a strong wind making your journey difficult, imagine mist and smoke when you are on this foot bridge. Now walk, keep walking until you have reached the world that you painted in your imagination. When you make it to that world; talk to the people, elves, fairies, or whatever you imagine to be in your world. The more you concentrate on it, the more real your world shall become. This is the secret to traveling from one plane of reality to another.

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