Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Concerning Ghosts

I have been thinking about the subject of ghosts. Are they real or are they just our imaginations playing tricks upon us. Here are some theories that I have come up with about ghosts.
1. They are dead people or animals. They are wandering souls killing time before God destroys this planet.
2. They are image imprints. This is a new theory of mine about ghosts. The reason we can take pictures is because a camera captures the light of our image. Maybe, there is something in nature that captures the light of our images and when the right natural elements mix, it develops into a picture. In other words, what people see when they see ghosts are nothing, but motion pictures found in nature.
3. Ghosts are produced in our minds and when we are alone we project this image in a field, in bed beside us, etc.
4. We see something out of the corner of eye, we turn to see the image, but it is gone. It could be a bird, a real person, or an animal, but because we didn't see this image, our imagination quickly tells us that it is a ghost or some other supernatural object.



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