Sunday, February 06, 2011

Concerning Dreams

What are dreams? Nearly everyone has them. Every religion on our planet makes mention of dreams. Dreams are said to be the way the divine communicates with us. Many of the great thinkers have testified that they arrived at their solutions through dreams. Are our dreams the products of our own minds or are there outside forces that dictate our dreams to us?
Some dreams are just images of the things that we have seen in our daily life such as traffic signs, trees, houses, people, etc. These dreams are no doubt just the product of our minds. What about a dream where we talk to someone? Have you ever had a conversation with someone in your dream? Did this person answer your questions and make statements to you? Could this person be just a product of your imagination? If so, then you spent your night talking to yourself. But, what if this person was an outside force that had entered your head through certain electrical frequencies produced in the chambers of your brain?



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