Monday, February 28, 2011

The Practical Man

Three travelers were wandering through the desert. They were lost and their mules had died. They walked many days and nights without food or water. Now, as you know, the desert is hot. The heat was drying these men out. Their hopes were running out. They needed water.
Finally, a miracle happened. They found a tent and under this tent was a table. On this table was a glass of water. The first man saw the glass and spoke, "This glass is half full."
The second man saw the glass and spoke, "Oh, dear. This glass is half empty."
The third man said nothing, but grabbed the glass and drunk the water. After he finished drinking, he spoke, "Gentleman, you have to take advantage of any situation whether the circumstances are good or bad."


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friendship and Fiction

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a fresh blog post. Between Fictionpress, Facebook, Blogs that I follow, and the weather channel's website to get the local weather conditions is how I spend most of my online time. The Internet doesn't seem quite as impressive to me as it once was. It seems to me to be too overwhelming. It will take many generations to see if it made any kind of a good impact on society. I would go so far as to say that in fifty years that it will create its own society with its own system of laws, maybe even its own reality separate from the reality in which I now dwell in. I think television has done that now to a point. How far does a person base their judgments on their own thoughts and not on the influence of a television program? Beauty, right and wrong, what to say and how to say it is fed to us by the flat screen box. It is better than being a mediaeval serf. In that time period, they told what to think and if you didn't they burnt you at the stake. At least that what they taught me in school, never really thought to question it. There's one thing I can say that the Internet has taught me. It has taught me not to get to worked up if I don't read how a fiction story ends. Most web writers never finish a story that they write. Which helps me when I start reading a book, if I don't like the plot I throw the book away. Since it's no longer so important to me to know how a story works out. My father once said that there was only seven different story lines and I think that I have read them all anyway. Once you read two or three books by an author, you've read every plot that they will ever use anyway. I notice that my stories repeat common themes. I write nearly everyone the same review like: Good job. Update soon. I really mean it. It's like hell what more do you want me to say? Usually, if someone whines for more I just stop reading their work. I mean damn it's just a fiction story, some BS amusement to pass the time and unwind from a day's work. Fiction never really meant much more to me than that. I think I'll post that on my profile at fp. I had a post idea about friendship, but everyone knows that friends come and go. Most people are friends with one another due to circumstances and when the circumstances change so do the friends. I might post that on my Facebook page. I have rambled enough, so happy reading. When you click off my page, I know you will forget me in a matter of moments. I'm ok with it, it is how the world wide web works.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Concerning Love

Love is the attraction, desire, or affection felt for a person who arouses delight or admiration, or elicits tenderness, sympathetic interest or benevolence.
Above is the dictionary definition of the word love. Under this definition love is an attraction, a desire or affection felt for another person. The definition implies that the object of love must do something to arouse love. From this definition we learn that love is a two-way street. In order to be the object of love, you must invoke some kind of positive emotion. Some people we just naturally like. Some people have to earn our love. They don't have the surface qualities that we like. But when these people earn our love is it not a stronger love? It seems to pierce our soul deeper when a person, who we don't even like, earns our love. Some people we seek out for lovers are those who please the animal nature in us. The love we have for these people fades when that quality they had vanishes. Those who earn our love are those who we should desire.
How cruel it is for those who please our soul cannot please our flesh!
How cruel it is for those who please our flesh cannot please our soul! Love doesn't make much sense. It cannot be entirely explained. Many great poets and philosophers have been perplexed by love.
A hundred pains for one joy. A million teardrops for one smile. It consumes our flesh. It drains our strength, our wealth, our health, and this draining feeling makes us desire it more. Love is one animal that cannot be tamed no matter how clever we are.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Concerning Imagination Part 3

Imagination is a tool that is used by all writers, storytellers, musicians, occult members, philosophers, poets, scientists, etc. It is believed by some that there are different planes of reality in our world. This is true, at least on a certain level. We can get to another plane of reality simply by sitting in a room, in the forest, on a bus, or any where we are. It is a simple trick of the mind to leave this plane of reality and go to another. First, one should start forming images of the world they wish to visit. Paint this world in any fashion that you wish it to be. When the image of this world is in your mind, look ahead of you and picture this imaginary world in front of you. Keep concentrating on it, until you can see it and you know that it is there. Next, you will have to leave this world and go to that world. To do this, imagine a foot bridge over a gulf that separates you from the world that you are now in and the world that you want to go. Start walking this foot bridge, imagine a strong wind making your journey difficult, imagine mist and smoke when you are on this foot bridge. Now walk, keep walking until you have reached the world that you painted in your imagination. When you make it to that world; talk to the people, elves, fairies, or whatever you imagine to be in your world. The more you concentrate on it, the more real your world shall become. This is the secret to traveling from one plane of reality to another.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Concerning Life

Life is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body or purely chemical matter.
Life, it is the first and most important gift that we receive. Whether we received this gift by design or chance does not change its importance. Life is to be classified into two main branches: the good life and the bad life. How can one live the good life and how can one avoid the bad life? I have read many books concerning this topic, talked to a lot of people, and observed things for myself.

Here is my answer (my theory of the good life):
We need to learn to have a grateful spirit. We should stare in awe at the beauties of nature, the achievements of man, the glory of the universe, and be happy that we are part of it all.
Life travels faster than light. We need to learn to enjoy it. Spend time with friends, family, and lovers. We can spend our time crying over our failures, our lover's lost, our dead family members or friends. If we can't remember them and smile, then are we really doing their memory any good? We must enjoy life. We must savor nature. We must make love to our lovers. We must say to hell with the bad and say bring on the good. Life is a fleeting gift and one that must be enjoyed while it lasts.
If we dream, build happy places in our minds, visit the good sights in this plane of reality and others, we will not have time to concern ourselves with the bad things of this world.
The best way to summon this up is to say that the most important thing about life is being alive.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Concerning Ghosts

I have been thinking about the subject of ghosts. Are they real or are they just our imaginations playing tricks upon us. Here are some theories that I have come up with about ghosts.
1. They are dead people or animals. They are wandering souls killing time before God destroys this planet.
2. They are image imprints. This is a new theory of mine about ghosts. The reason we can take pictures is because a camera captures the light of our image. Maybe, there is something in nature that captures the light of our images and when the right natural elements mix, it develops into a picture. In other words, what people see when they see ghosts are nothing, but motion pictures found in nature.
3. Ghosts are produced in our minds and when we are alone we project this image in a field, in bed beside us, etc.
4. We see something out of the corner of eye, we turn to see the image, but it is gone. It could be a bird, a real person, or an animal, but because we didn't see this image, our imagination quickly tells us that it is a ghost or some other supernatural object.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Concerning Dreams

What are dreams? Nearly everyone has them. Every religion on our planet makes mention of dreams. Dreams are said to be the way the divine communicates with us. Many of the great thinkers have testified that they arrived at their solutions through dreams. Are our dreams the products of our own minds or are there outside forces that dictate our dreams to us?
Some dreams are just images of the things that we have seen in our daily life such as traffic signs, trees, houses, people, etc. These dreams are no doubt just the product of our minds. What about a dream where we talk to someone? Have you ever had a conversation with someone in your dream? Did this person answer your questions and make statements to you? Could this person be just a product of your imagination? If so, then you spent your night talking to yourself. But, what if this person was an outside force that had entered your head through certain electrical frequencies produced in the chambers of your brain?


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Concerning Destiny and Chance

Destiny is the predetermined course of events often conceived as a resistless power or agency.
Chance is something that happens without any discernible human intentions or direction and in dissociation from any observable pattern, casual relation, natural necessity, or providential dispensation.
Above is the dictionary definition for the two words destiny and chance. The big question in life is which one is true and which one is false. Nearly, all religions state that destiny is the truth and that nothing happens by chance. Have our lives been predetermined for us?
We have been dealt the cards and all we have to do is play the hand. Do we play the hand that we are dealt or does destiny do that for us too? It is hard to determine and make a judgement call on this issue, for one cannot see every event and chain of events that happen to us at one time.
The three major religions of western civilization in one voice agree that destiny is the truth.
In the Norse religion, we learn of three goddesses of destiny, Urd (Fate), Skuld (Being), and Verdandi (Necessity).
In the Greek and Roman religion we learn of the three fates: Clotho, who spun the thread of life; Lachesis, who held it and fixed its length; and Atropos, who decided when to cut the thread of life.
The third religion, Christianity, also affirms destiny as the truth. These verses can be read to show that destiny is taught in Christianity: (Ephesians 1:5, 1:11), (Romans 8:29-30), and the Lord's Prayer can be used as proof of destiny being taught in Christianity.
So, destiny has on its side the three religious traditions that have shaped the western world.
Philosophers debate the issue, as does science.
Although more and more, science is coming to realize that life is predetermined by our DNA.
What does all this have to do with anything? This information frees us from the fear of death. Why fear destiny? The fates can be cruel, no doubt. But, in the end justice shall triumph over injustice. Everything happens for a reason. We must learn to read the signs concerning our destinies. Once we get an idea on what our destinies are to be, we can make our life's decisions based on this knowledge.

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