Friday, January 07, 2011

Concerning Dreams Part 2

Who are we really talking to when we talk to people in our dreams? Are we simply having a conversation with a person who is a product of our own imagination or is this a real person from another plane of reality? More than likely the first explanation is the correct one, but the second one is a possibility. Can we communicate with other human beings on this planet through dreams? It is possible, if the brain can send electrical signals out of the skull. Some people believe that dreams are the door way of this world to the otherworld. No doubt dreams have been used by the Deity to communicate to us. Examples of the can be found in the Bible (Genesis Chapter XL, Matthew Chapter I Verse 20).
Some people claim that departed loved ones visit them in dreams. Dreams have inspired people to do great things and bring positive changes to our world. Often we wake-up and we can't remember our dreams. Maybe, we should try harder to recall them.
If the people we talk in our dreams are just a product of our imagination, then we are a fucked up race of creatures. I have been thinking what does the images in mind our really look like and where do they come from. If a person thought of a pink house and a scientist type asshole took a picture of the inside of person's head, they would just have a flash of light or something. Maybe, the reality is that everything is just flashes of light and our reality is created for us by our own imagination.

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