Saturday, January 08, 2011

Concerning Debates

Debates. They happen everyday and without reason. Why are debates debated? The first answer is because people care about the issues at hand and they really want to solve the world's problems. But, this is not the case all of the time. Many people argue the issues just to make money. And why not? Making money makes the world go around, said a famous person. How can you make money at debating the issues? Think about it. Every issue has, at least, two sides. One side will print literature refuting the other's side and the other side will do the same. So, the printers make money no matter what side they print. Now, you can't let it go at this. You must raise money and hire "experts" to refute the literature and the other side will have to raise money to hire "experts" to refute the other side's "experts". As you can see a lot of people benefit from an issue. The left wing has their people making money and the right wing has their people making money. This is the main reason that issues like: evolution vs. creationism, civil rights, smokers vs. anti-smokers, etc are being so passionately debated today. There are a lot of people arguing these issues without really wanting to solve them. Most issues people solve for themselves and they don't need to be bothered by the "experts" on the radio, in print, or on television.
Start a debate and both sides will thank-you for it. After all, they both will make money. Is this wrong? No, for the master debaters are amusing to watch and they have to eat too.

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