Friday, January 07, 2011

Concerning CyberCulture

There is a new world.
There is a new place.
And it is called Cyberspace.
I wrote those lines a few moments ago, as I think about the subject of cyberspace and cyberculture. In the last ten years, the Internet has become a powerful force. Even the mighty television culture has received some honest competition from it. Now, we can sit in our homes and communicate with nearly every country in the world. Maybe, this will be of some good. We are learning about other people from other countries and other walks of life. The Internet is a new frontier and like any new frontier, it has its dangers. There are thieves, perverts, jerks, morons, and bigots out there. They Spam you, they try to obtain personal information from you, and there are other things they try to do. However, we cannot let this stop us from taking advantage of this new found outlet. For the first time the average person can have an effect on the culture. Through Internet groups, chartrooms, blogs, etc, we can get our ideas to the world.
Maybe, we can form bonds with people from all over the world and maybe we can obtain world peace from these bonds. From interacting with other people from the Internet, I have learned that all people are the same and different. We can use this common bond to work for better things. Maybe, the average man and woman can achieve that which the world leaders have failed to do.

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