Saturday, January 08, 2011

Concerning Debates

Debates. They happen everyday and without reason. Why are debates debated? The first answer is because people care about the issues at hand and they really want to solve the world's problems. But, this is not the case all of the time. Many people argue the issues just to make money. And why not? Making money makes the world go around, said a famous person. How can you make money at debating the issues? Think about it. Every issue has, at least, two sides. One side will print literature refuting the other's side and the other side will do the same. So, the printers make money no matter what side they print. Now, you can't let it go at this. You must raise money and hire "experts" to refute the literature and the other side will have to raise money to hire "experts" to refute the other side's "experts". As you can see a lot of people benefit from an issue. The left wing has their people making money and the right wing has their people making money. This is the main reason that issues like: evolution vs. creationism, civil rights, smokers vs. anti-smokers, etc are being so passionately debated today. There are a lot of people arguing these issues without really wanting to solve them. Most issues people solve for themselves and they don't need to be bothered by the "experts" on the radio, in print, or on television.
Start a debate and both sides will thank-you for it. After all, they both will make money. Is this wrong? No, for the master debaters are amusing to watch and they have to eat too.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Concerning Dreams Part 2

Who are we really talking to when we talk to people in our dreams? Are we simply having a conversation with a person who is a product of our own imagination or is this a real person from another plane of reality? More than likely the first explanation is the correct one, but the second one is a possibility. Can we communicate with other human beings on this planet through dreams? It is possible, if the brain can send electrical signals out of the skull. Some people believe that dreams are the door way of this world to the otherworld. No doubt dreams have been used by the Deity to communicate to us. Examples of the can be found in the Bible (Genesis Chapter XL, Matthew Chapter I Verse 20).
Some people claim that departed loved ones visit them in dreams. Dreams have inspired people to do great things and bring positive changes to our world. Often we wake-up and we can't remember our dreams. Maybe, we should try harder to recall them.
If the people we talk in our dreams are just a product of our imagination, then we are a fucked up race of creatures. I have been thinking what does the images in mind our really look like and where do they come from. If a person thought of a pink house and a scientist type asshole took a picture of the inside of person's head, they would just have a flash of light or something. Maybe, the reality is that everything is just flashes of light and our reality is created for us by our own imagination.

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Concerning CyberCulture

There is a new world.
There is a new place.
And it is called Cyberspace.
I wrote those lines a few moments ago, as I think about the subject of cyberspace and cyberculture. In the last ten years, the Internet has become a powerful force. Even the mighty television culture has received some honest competition from it. Now, we can sit in our homes and communicate with nearly every country in the world. Maybe, this will be of some good. We are learning about other people from other countries and other walks of life. The Internet is a new frontier and like any new frontier, it has its dangers. There are thieves, perverts, jerks, morons, and bigots out there. They Spam you, they try to obtain personal information from you, and there are other things they try to do. However, we cannot let this stop us from taking advantage of this new found outlet. For the first time the average person can have an effect on the culture. Through Internet groups, chartrooms, blogs, etc, we can get our ideas to the world.
Maybe, we can form bonds with people from all over the world and maybe we can obtain world peace from these bonds. From interacting with other people from the Internet, I have learned that all people are the same and different. We can use this common bond to work for better things. Maybe, the average man and woman can achieve that which the world leaders have failed to do.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A "Lost" Book Review

Book Review: Mediaeval Baebes: Songs of the Flesh

The Mediaeval Baebes are a group of women with angelic voices who perform songs and mediaeval poetry set to music. They have achieved that which is hard to achieve today, namely, originality. So, after I had discovered their music through a WebCrawler search entitled mediaeval music and listen to a few of their songs, I became hooked on their music. Then, I went to Amazon.Com and done something for them that I had never done before for any other musician, I bought all of their albums. It was the Spring of this year that I finally ordered their book called, Mediaeval Baebes: Songs of the Flesh.

This book was put together by photographer and artist Vania Zouravliov. The text was provided by Marie Findley with additional material by Katharine Blake. The images depict the baebes in erotic poses and the text is a mixture of essays, poems, and thoughts concerning dreams and their interpretation of them in the mediaeval period. This book, like the baebes, is an original.

On a scale of one to ten (one being total crap and ten being perfect), this book is a ten.

In addition, I would like to say that I got the opportunity to see the Mediaeval Baebes perform in Columbus, Ohio this year and they sounded even better in person.

Note: This review was written in December 2007. It was one of those things that I “lost” on a disc, but recently rediscovered.

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Human History Part 1

Ideas are people and people are ideas. What is the meaning of that you may ask. We associate certain ideas with people. And this is probably the origin of the gods. The first prophets were probably philosophers that held a deep appreciation for the universe and the ideas that separate us from the animals. But, describing all of this to the people must have been a difficult task. A lot of scholars would call the people ignorant and stupid for not being able to grasp the philosophers' ideas, but this really isn't fair to the people of those ages long ago. The life of the average person was difficult. He had to work all day. He hunted, he fished, he chopped wood, he built houses, and the many other daily tasks that had to be performed. And he had to do it with the most Spartan of tools. (I am talking about the age before the great empires of Britain, Rome or even of Egypt. I am talking about the age of the first glorious empire.)
The philosopher had a heavy task to perform, for he knew civilization could not advance without the guidance of these important ideas that he had gathered for a lifetime. He and his forefathers spent their lives researching, though the use of philosophic inquiry and the scientific method. The people's lives were very busy, so the philosophers became poets and the poets became prophets. They composed stories that carefully hid the philosophic truths and scientific principles that they had learned. They told the people their stories and the people delighted in them. They made these storytellers their prophets and gave them authority over their lives. They gave the storytellers a living and allowed them to live in monasteries, removed from the people and yet part of everyone's lives. This pleased the storyteller and this allowed him to continue his work. Every new principle discovered caused a new story to be invented. The principles of wind, water, fire, and earth existed in the form of a god. Moral principles became gods and goddesses to the people. The people enjoyed these stories and their lives improved.

These stories allowed the storytelling philosophers and scientists, time to build a glorious empire. The Empire was so advanced in sound principles of morals, medicine, and technology that the world population gladly rejoiced in it. The world advanced and advanced. All secrets concerning the universe were discovered. People could communicate with the animals and each other without speaking a word. Then the beginning of the end occurred. One philosopher got greedy; corruption had entered into his heart. Slowly he started to corrupt the other philosophers; those who submitted became like him, while those who didn't were killed.

This evil one convinced the other philosophers to become the gods they had invented and so the immortals walked the Earth. In order to fool the people the wicked philosophers performed surgeries on themselves to remold their features to those of the idols.

Now the idols walked the Earth. These "gods" demanded the people to worship them. The people, at first, were amazed to meet the gods, but that soon changed. When the gods just existed in the mind, they did good works through their prophets, but now that they had a material existence they did evil. They worked the people like slaves. No work, no medicine. No work, no new technology. The gods no longer gave people new ideas, medicine, or technologies. They only took and took. They held the keys to the technology and they alone knew that they were just mortals. They had the secret medicines that allowed them to extend their lives for many generations.

This empire was glorious. There was no energy crisis in this world, for the people could draw energy from the plants, the sun, the dirt, etc. The gods became lazy, so they picked the brightest people and educated them to be philosophers and scientists. These men and women were given the keys to the kingdom of knowledge. For many generations these philosophers served the gods, until one rebelled. He knew that the gods were just men, who had just extended their lives through secret medicines. Slowly, he tried to convince the people that the gods were just foolish and wicked men (Some people were convinced and some were not). The gods killed him publicly. They thought that this would end their grief, but it didn't.

More and more people followed the good philosopher's teachings and soon war broke out. The weapons that were employed tore the world into seven separate pieces. The golden age had come to end. The survivors of this Great War started small primitive tribes. Human beings had degraded.

The small primitive tribes amused themselves with the stories of the great mostly forgotten empire.

As the world rebuilt itself, these stories evolved into the mythologies that we know today. In Greece, the Great Empire became known as Olympus and in the north the Great Empire became known as Asgard. And thus, the world came to exist, as we know it today.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Balances of Life

Oh these balances of life they are a tricky thing. We must have balance in our lives. We cannot work too much or we become workaholics. We work too little we become slackers. We must have a happy medium. We must become walking compromises if we expect the world to love us. We must have balance in our life. We can't allow ourselves to become too hard hearted and we can't afford to be too soft hearted. We need balance in our lives. We can't allow ourselves to become too fat or people will laugh at us. We can't get to skinny or people will tease us. Why must the universe be governed this way? It may not be fair, but that is how it is.
The universe survives by balancing itself out. So, delicate is the balances of life. Too much or too little will make people hate us. We will be unlovable. Oh, how cruel people can be!
We must play a give and take game with ourselves. We must add a virtue and we must subtract a vice. We must add a vice and we must subtract a virtue. We continue the epic struggle with ourselves, until we have balance. Oh, glorious balance, it is you who decides if people love us or hate us.
If we can become 50% good and 50% evil people will love us. Sometimes, we do too much good and we are called self-righteous. Sometimes, we do too much evil and people call us criminals. Oh, what a world we live in!

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