Thursday, December 30, 2010

Human History Part 2

Mysteries have always been apart of our life. Many of the important questions in life had no answers, until now. I have gained knowledge that must be shared with my fellow human beings. I have gained this knowledge through tireless efforts of research and mainly through an over-active imagination.
One of the most important questions ever put forth by the great philosophers is, why do men have nipples?
They would have this answer if they had only known about the Great Empire from so long ago. In part one, I told about the origins of the gods and this one is dedicated to one of the great eternal questions.
In the early days of the Great Empire, the people had both sex organs and they were referred to themselves as man. The Great Empire, in its full glory, covered the entire Earth. The land mass was large, but the philosophers and scientists noticed a startling problem. The Great Empire was getting over populated, because early man reproduced by masturbation. When a man got pregnant, he could not perform his duties. The philosophers and scientists knew something had to be done. So, they told the people that the gods would punish them if they got pregnant more than once. But, even the punishment from the gods could not make the people quit masturbating and reproducing.
The philosophers and scientists studied the problem day and night. A naturalist and skilled surgeon named Gender solved the problem. In his studies, he noticed that most animals were either male or female and that they were not male and female in one. So, with a chosen team of scientists and surgeons, he devised a surgery that would separate the two sexes. They picked two test subjects and went to work. Months passed and success was to be had. Gender was successful in separating man into male and female.
He made the male for physical labor, for seed production, and for thinking. He made the female for beauty, singing, for child bearing, and for house cleaning. For a time Gender thought it would be best if the new males and females shared the nursing duties, but this failed. When it was the male's time to nurse the baby, the chores went undone. So, he done away with these milk men and made the nursing duties fall solely to the woman.
Gender had done a good service for the Great Empire, therefore, he got to name the female and he called her woman.
The question often asked during the second age of the Great Empire was, what did Gender give you? Slowly, that question evolved into what is your gender?
Author's Note:This was exactly a story outline. I found a disc that a ton of my writings that I thought was lost, but now can be posted for your reading pleasure.

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