Monday, September 20, 2010

Speak Esperanto Day

I checked my journal last week and saw that I started studying the Esperanto language on August 20, 2010, making it a month ago today. I spent most of that time reading over the history of the movement and seeing if it had a practical use in today's world. Since most of my readers don't anything about Esperanto, I'll give a short overview of the movement. The language was created by an idealist named L. L. Zamenhof to be used by all peoples of the world as a common second language. He felt that if everyone had the same second language, which belonged to no individual nation, than there would be a better mutal understanding in the world. Better mutal understanding, Dr. Zamenhof felt would lead to less violence.

The idea of Esperanto never did catch on in a big way, but with the growth of the Internet it has a better chance of being used by more people than in the last century.

There's a quick overview of the history language and a quick Google search will yield plenty of results and learning material. I have posted useful links in earlier posts.

I will answer the most asked question that I get when I tell people about my new hobby. Where did I first hear about it? And the answer is from a set of old encyclopedias that had once belonged to my grandmother. So anyway, since I started studying the language a month ago, I decided to make the twentieth of every month speak Esperanto day on my blog. Since I don't know the language real well yet, I'll say one simple sentence.

Mia nomo estas Scott. (My name is Scott.)

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Blogger Remush said...

Bonvenon Scott.
Eble vi povos pli bone uzi la lingvon en

7:37:00 AM  
Blogger CaptainCraft said...

Dankon. It'll probably be quite awhile before I'll be able to use the language good enough to get much use out of the social culture on the google group.

9:29:00 PM  

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