Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and 7up

Have you ever tried to type something and nothing would come out or if something came out, it wasn't what you wanted to say? While working all day I pondered all kinds of awesome stuff to say, but alas the thoughts are gone. Here's a totally random thought: if time travel is possible the time machine has already been built. The future, the past, and the present must already exist together on some kinda plane of reality. I bought a case of 7up, the greatest soda on Earth, and it says new crisp, clean taste. It had more of a lemon taste and that was the only difference that I could tell.
I started a new program of calisthenics and I'm still sore from it. Another random thought is this: politicians go clean-shaven, because they feel beards would make them look dishonest. Which is weird because Abe Lincoln had a beard and people called him "Honest Abe."
But, politicians live on a different planet than the rest of humanity. A few weeks ago I was shopping at Walmart, not the greatest store in the universe, and a couple of teenagers came up to me and wanted to take a picture of the 'stache; they were like hey we've never seen a mustache looped before. That was kind of a strange experience, but that's life with a handlebar mustache, everyone comments about it. I figured I had two options that was: grow a handlebar mustache or get a tattoo and I figured there wasn't any image that I wanted to stare at all my life, so I grew the mustache. Another strange thing is: whenever you look down you see little hairs staring up at you. It's like they'll saying hi, Scott, we'll still here. The leaves fall and the rain comes and I realize that autumn draws near. And with the coming of autumn, comes snow and ice and Santa Claus. It's been a long time since I've written a blog post in the manner that they'll suppose to be written in. So I'll depart saying Good-bye.

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