Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy and Damp

The weather is rainy and damp. The beginnings of a cold fill my head. The new zeal for life that stirs in the Spring settle down for the autumn. That time for reflection, where you realize that your life probably sucks and you know deep down that you will never change it. On a slightly different note I linked this blog to my facebook page, it was something that I said that I won't do, but did it anyway. How do I like facebook? I like it so-so. It's probably just a fad, but who knows, I use to say that the web was just a fad. I use it damn near everyday. So autumn is a time for reflection. I look around and realize that I don't have a woman or a girlfriend. That romantic feeling that so many shit-ass poets and singers ramble on about. Every place you turn, you find that the single lifestyle is attacked and the married/relationship life style is put on a pedestal. I have two words to all those poets and singers concerning this subject: Bull Shit.
Let's debunk some of the popular myths about relationships:
1. A romantic relationship will fill the void that is in your heart and head. Really? A romantic relationship forces you to put some one else's desires above your own. How the hell can you know what's wrong with you if you spend all your time thinking about some else?
2. A romantic relationship will give your life meaning? I roll my eyes at this one. My life has meaning to me and what does it matter how anyone else feels. I don't know how anyone feels and they don't know how I feel. So how can some one else give your life meaning when they don't even know how you feel?
3. A romantic relationship will make you live longer? Well, you might catch VD. It does seem true that married people, on a whole, live longer than single people. But, there is something to be said for quality, not just quantity.
4. Your partner will be there for you whenever you need her. She'll understand you and give you support during this tough time. This is a load of crap. She'll listen to you and then try to change you. She sure the hell won't give you emotional support. She'll be there when she needs support and fly into the arms of another when you need it. Just ask your local milkman.
There's tons of other myths about happiness and marriage. Just remember that marriage is the leading cause of divorce. CaptainCraft signing off.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and 7up

Have you ever tried to type something and nothing would come out or if something came out, it wasn't what you wanted to say? While working all day I pondered all kinds of awesome stuff to say, but alas the thoughts are gone. Here's a totally random thought: if time travel is possible the time machine has already been built. The future, the past, and the present must already exist together on some kinda plane of reality. I bought a case of 7up, the greatest soda on Earth, and it says new crisp, clean taste. It had more of a lemon taste and that was the only difference that I could tell.
I started a new program of calisthenics and I'm still sore from it. Another random thought is this: politicians go clean-shaven, because they feel beards would make them look dishonest. Which is weird because Abe Lincoln had a beard and people called him "Honest Abe."
But, politicians live on a different planet than the rest of humanity. A few weeks ago I was shopping at Walmart, not the greatest store in the universe, and a couple of teenagers came up to me and wanted to take a picture of the 'stache; they were like hey we've never seen a mustache looped before. That was kind of a strange experience, but that's life with a handlebar mustache, everyone comments about it. I figured I had two options that was: grow a handlebar mustache or get a tattoo and I figured there wasn't any image that I wanted to stare at all my life, so I grew the mustache. Another strange thing is: whenever you look down you see little hairs staring up at you. It's like they'll saying hi, Scott, we'll still here. The leaves fall and the rain comes and I realize that autumn draws near. And with the coming of autumn, comes snow and ice and Santa Claus. It's been a long time since I've written a blog post in the manner that they'll suppose to be written in. So I'll depart saying Good-bye.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Speak Esperanto Day

I checked my journal last week and saw that I started studying the Esperanto language on August 20, 2010, making it a month ago today. I spent most of that time reading over the history of the movement and seeing if it had a practical use in today's world. Since most of my readers don't anything about Esperanto, I'll give a short overview of the movement. The language was created by an idealist named L. L. Zamenhof to be used by all peoples of the world as a common second language. He felt that if everyone had the same second language, which belonged to no individual nation, than there would be a better mutal understanding in the world. Better mutal understanding, Dr. Zamenhof felt would lead to less violence.

The idea of Esperanto never did catch on in a big way, but with the growth of the Internet it has a better chance of being used by more people than in the last century.

There's a quick overview of the history language and a quick Google search will yield plenty of results and learning material. I have posted useful links in earlier posts.

I will answer the most asked question that I get when I tell people about my new hobby. Where did I first hear about it? And the answer is from a set of old encyclopedias that had once belonged to my grandmother. So anyway, since I started studying the language a month ago, I decided to make the twentieth of every month speak Esperanto day on my blog. Since I don't know the language real well yet, I'll say one simple sentence.

Mia nomo estas Scott. (My name is Scott.)

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spare Thoughts

I had a few moments to spare in my life and decided to write another wondrous blog entry. I have been spending some of my spare time studying Esperanto. I read the first part of the Esperanto book written by David Richardson, which was just the history of the movement. I haven't formed in any opinions yet about the movement. But I have a few opinions about the language and that is: I don' t care for the way the letter r is pronounced. I have a venomous dislike for that particular letter and to hear rolled badly doesn't help. The words are easy to spell, for the most part, the words are spelled just the way they sound. I haven't studied the grammar structure yet, mainly I have just been going through the Byki lists that I downloaded from their site. I checked out the lernu website and really found their dictionary useful.
There's some other things I thought I would mention and that is I have given up writing fiction and posting it on the Internet. I'll have to write separate blog post about my opinions of fiction. The last thing I thought I would mention is that I finally gave into my family and friends and set up an account on Facebook. The only thing I can say about that is: I don't really like it too much, so I won't be posting any links to my facebook page on this account and I won't be posting any links from my facebook account to this one.

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