Friday, August 06, 2010

More Esperanto Links

I cannot believe that summer is winding down. This morning I read a collection of Haikus about the Korean War by Punslinger on fictionpress. I thought they were an interesting historical perspective about the Korean War from a Korean War veteran. Here is the link to this poetry collection:

I was going to finish reading the rest of the stories that's been piling up in my inbox, but I received some feedback and links concerning my last post on Esperanto that I thought I would repost the links here. The links that I received were pretty good. The first two seemed pretty good for beginners and the last two seemed good for more advanced learners. They should give me plenty of material to study this winter.

Here they are:

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Blogger Miĉjo said...

Sorry to be commenting so long after the post, but I just wanted to point out something about the Esperanto courses on I would agree that the majority are geared to beginners. However, it also has excellent intermediate and advanced courses; the intermediate-level course I took, for instance, was Gerda Malaperis!, which I heartily recommend.

4:50:00 PM  
Blogger CaptainCraft said...

Thank-you for your input. I believe there may be more free learning material available on the web concerning Esperanto than just about any other language. Lernu is is an impressive site, the dictionary alone is worth the trip.

7:59:00 PM  

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