Friday, August 13, 2010

France, Legacy, and Pipe Tobacco

This week has been a hot one for me. So it was nice to finally get to Friday, so that I could catch up with my reading. I still have many more stories to read, but I'll give you a run down the stuff that I've read and saw today.
First, I read a short story by Punslinger called Hot Times in Old France. The story was a satire piece about the final days of Joan of Arc.
Second story I read was by, one of the best writers on fictionpress, Darket. It's a sequel to one of his earlier stories and promises to be a good character study. I only had time to read the first chapter, but here is the link. The Legacy of the Drifter
After I read those two stories, I checked my Rss feeds to see if anyone had updated their blogs. The only that had was pipemannow, he discussed his first experiences at smoking a pipe and what pipe tobaccos he uses. Here is the link.

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