Friday, July 30, 2010

German Links

It is has been quite awhile since my last blog post. I was checking my Rss feeds and noticed that Pipeman( has updated his vidblog on YouTube and decided that now would be a good time to update my own little blog. I have been thinking of late what do with this blog and have decided to make it a sort of journal about the websites that I visit and the experiences that I have on the World Wide Web.
Lately, my interest in studies different languages has been rekindled. So I looked over the list of languages that I once jotted down in a notebook and decided to study three: German, Esperanto, and Latin. I picked German, because I have some German music and I have a German workbook(; Esperanto, because it's an invented language, and according to Philip José Farmer it will be the language spoken in the afterlife; Latin, because of its influence on our culture.
So having a renewed interest in studying languages, I decided to surf the Web and see what resources were available online. Right now I'm only studying German, so I have only been looking for resources on German. YouTube has tons of German language lessons, but here are the best that I have found:
I searched the blogosphere for lessons and found very little that is useful, most bloggers, who do language lessons, ramble on about their personal lives and then end the post by saying Guten Tag means Good day. The last link that I gave on YouTube, the guy does the same thing, but he can speak English fairly well, so it's easy to follow his lessons.
Here are the other resources on the Web that I have found useful:

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