Friday, May 07, 2010

He-Man Revisited

I remember asking my grandpa how long was a half an hour, for that was the amount of time he told me that I had to wait to see He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. And when that time was up it was one of the highlights of my day. For Christmas that year, I got everything He-Man. The stickers books, read-along records and a cassette tape, these came with a little book. And for the next few years, I got He-Man action figures and Snake Mountain. I think the following Christmas or my birthday I got a subscription to the He-Man magazine. I kept the posters, that came with the magazine, on my bedroom wall. When things went wrong or I had a bad day, I would stare at those posters and imagine that I was an Eternian. Then I remember the big deal made of the new He-man movie, in which He-Man goes to another world and discovers a twin sister. This resulted in a new cartoon, She-ra: The Princess of Power. Where I came from all the boys liked She-ra and all the girls hated it. That was a strange fact to learn that women felt threatened when confronted with a strong-willed woman.

Soon He-Man and She-ra's popularity faded and they disappeared. He-Man made one last appearance in a live action movie (actually he appeared in a new cartoon in the year 1990, but I was an unaware of this cartoon as most kids were) and then he went into retirement. Many people have often wondered why did he fade away? Was the heat he got from the churches for being Pagan? Did the liberals bring him down for his moral lesson at the end of the show? Although, He-Man took a lot shit from these groups, they did not bring him down. He-Man was based on a toy line by Mattel, the stories were created for the main purpose of selling toys and when the toy sales dropped, so was He-Man dropped. What caused the drop has often been debated on the Internet, but was not debated much in the 80's. Japan introduced Nintendo to America and its arrival killed boys' desires to play with plastic action figures. So He-Man was forgotten. I looked for him once when I first got my Internet connection, found a few sites, heard a few sounds, and saw a few images. It interested me for a few moments, but I quickly forgot about He-Man. The Cartoon Network made a new cartoon about He-Man, but I didn't watch it at the time -- too busy with work. About 2005, I saw a box set of the ten best episodes of the orginal cartoon and bought it. This renewed my interest in He-Man. I have since bought all the box sets of all three cartoons and I bought the live action movie. So from time to time I plan on writing a blog post about He-man.

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