Friday, April 16, 2010

Cool Thoughts

Here it is April 16, 2010 and it is raining. See I could have been a weather man had I wanted to be. The news rattles the same thing over and over again and I wonder what's the point of listening to a bunch of assholes, especially when all they do is whine and complain. The left hates the right and the right hates the left. Aren't there anyone left who rides the fence? Anyhow, I'm glad it's raining because it washes all the tree shit off my truck. Looking at the picture above I realized that I should have gotten a haircut before I snapped all those pictures on February 18, 2010. I have about ten or more of those yet to use before I snap more. So you'll have to stay tuned for new pictures. On a more personal note, I quit smoking on January 17, 2010 and I haven't had a smoke yet. I'd been slowly weaning myself off the pipe and cigars for about two years. I started by smoking very other day, then very other month, then every couple of months, until finally I was able to kick it. I read somewhere that it took five years before you are considered a non-smoker, so I'll have to keep you updated on that. My mind bounces around somewhat and I was thinking about the statement I made about the rain washing the tree shit(I think it's pollen and that might be biologically closer to cum than shit so my mistake on that) off my truck, which is really a load of bunk. I mean no matters how hard it rains, I'll still have to wash my truck. The lazy man's logic of rain washing your truck just doesn't work. It's a cool thought, but most cool thoughts are just the same as stupid thoughts.

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