Friday, January 15, 2010

Reality of Dreams

I have added a new website in my "The Best Stuff on the Net" section. It's the pipe tobacco TV one. It has a guy on there who reviews pipe tobacco and beer on YouTube. My inbox has been crammed lately with new stories from people whose stories that I follow. So I've been slowly working my way through those and I have been scanning old family pictures, dating back from the late seventies to this time period. I can't think what you call the years 2000-2010. The zeroes I think. It's kinda like revisiting people who have died. And I was a cute baby, so I wonder what the hell happened to me now. Anyway that got me thinking about human relationships and all of that sentimental kind of thing. The thing that sums up human relationships is this: they are not permanent. Friends come and go, family members die or get really pissed off at you and stop talking to you, which is kinda like them dying to. What's sad is I looked at some old school pictures and there was half of the people that I could not name and the other half looked different from what I remember them looking. Which brings up an interesting thought. Does the camera see what we see? Is it the reality or is what we see the reality?

Pondering on this for not a great amount of time, I conclude that the camera only freezes one moment of many and locks it in a piece of paper forever or until that paper expires. And our minds see many moments, blends them with our hopes and dreams, and craps out that thing which we call memories. These memories may or may not be the reality of the situation, but they are the measuring stick in which we use to measure reality and to shape our destines.

If that made sense to you I would ask you to explain it to me. Maybe, I should ponder these thoughts longer, but you shouldn't dwell on weird stuff like that. Or people might start thinking you're weird and we all know what people think is important. In a world where normal is not clearly defined who gives anyone the right to declare someone else weird?

I'll move on and talk about politics and mention the health care bill. The only thing I can say about that is: wait until the health care bill becomes the health care law. Then we will know if it is a good thing or a bad thing for the United States of America. Since I've gotten a high speed connection, I've been following the news a little bit more. One thing I learnt is that we don't have hardly any sports figures left to worship. Scandals seem to pop up daily concerning those dudes. Perhaps, our trouble is the fact that we worshipped them in the first place. Well, I suppose should sign off now.

Wishing you good health and plenty of wealth.

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Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year

It has been awhile since I have written anything, unless you count the little blurbs after each picture. I realize New Year's Day was the ending of the first decade of the new millennium. We may not have achieved the cool stuff that was prophesied in the 1950's like space colonization, robots to do every single human task, flying cars, or some other crap that I can't think of at the moment. But we have achieved the Internet, the World Wide Web, YouTube, and blogs. And I have finally gotten high speed Internet and a new computer to take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer. I spent the first night on my new computer watching videos. I am not quite sure of what to think of it all, it's probably better than the robot thing. Hell, in all those movies and books the robots always enslave humanity. At least, computers don't do that. Probably the wildest thing about computers is that you can sit on your ass in your underwear and chat with almost every civilized country in the world. I know I have and maybe someday I'll write a blog post on that. I have completed the entire five part series of the Peter Race stories and I will be posting it on fictionpress as soon as I possibly can. It will be the last story that I will be posting there, sorta a good-bye piece. I'll continue to submit reviews to the works that I read on there. I think it's important to try and to leave a comment or a review after anything you read online. That's probably the greatest marvel of the Internet. You can respond to the material that you just read and the author of said material knows what you think of their ideas. You can tell them: "Great idea" or "You suck". It's entirely up to you what you tell them. Just think in the old days you had to stand in line for many hours to tell a writer or singer that they suck or that they were great. Now, you can get online and tell them at the speed of light what you think of them. And if you tell them that they suck, they'll love you for it. Maybe not love, but they will remember you for a longer amount of time. Assholes are always remembered, but nice guys are forgotten. They get the chicks too. There's a reason for that, but I don't care to explain it tonight. I have just checked my word count tool on Word and it tells me that I have almost reached my 500 word goal. I am asked by people, who don't keep blogs, how do you write a blog post. "It's simple," I tell them, "you just started rambling inside your head and type that onto the computer screen." And they reply to this: "But isn't that confusing to your readers." And I reply: "What readers?" Which isn't exactly true -- I have readers, but you get the joke. That puts me over my goal, so this is the captain wishing you good health and plenty of wealth.

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