Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Winter Days

As I sat here nursing a cold and thinking about the short days of winter, wishing for summer again. I tried to make the summer days last longer, but the more things you seem to do just make the days go faster. I bought a few new movies to pass the winter season. She, which I already watched. I ordered Attack of Fifty Foot Woman and Cherry 2000. Those titles should go well in my cheesy movie collection. I did watch a bunch of movies about Queen Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen that few would call cheesy. I don’t think anybody has ever made a movie about her being the mother of Sir Francis Bacon, who supposedly wrote the Shakespeare plays and sonnets. I have started posting new chapters to my new series of wizard stories on fictionpress, so click the link My Short Stories, if you’re interested. This brings me to the last point of this post. I have proposed a new philosophical question for myself which is: “Are men more romantic than women or are women more romantic than men?”

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