Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Answer

The question I asked myself was: “Are women more romantic than men or are men more romantic than women?”
Of course thinking about the question I realize that romance in this digital age is nearly dead. The world has become too cynical to really believe in such notions as romance, so the question put forth may be pointless. There are few romantics left in the world, but many books present romantic notions and it still is the best selling genre which means that some romance still exists. If you take a walk in the bookstore the romantic books are written mainly by women and are mainly purchased by women. So if you are going to base the answer off that fact I would have to conclude that women are more romantic than men. And this on the surface seems to be the correct answer. But what is it that women dream of and fantasize through those books? They fantasize of a dashing handsome man to sweep them off their feet. They want a man to buy them candy, flowers, and to cuddle with them by the fireplace. And they want a man to talk about and understand things like the beauty of nature and the inner feelings of the heart. There seems to be an emerging pattern here. Women want to be romanced and they want men to do the romancing – the work. It is up to the man to be the romantic one and to provide the romance for the woman. Perhaps, that’s why women are the more romantic sex, for they are on the receiving end of romance. To a man romance means work and to a woman romance means attention and pleasure. Again this seems to point to the fact that women are the more romantic sex. But what of the man who is willing to do the work? The man that takes the time to tap into the hidden desires of a woman’s heart. He is the one that makes the romantic encounter happen. The main question is: why would a man put himself out? The cynic would answer in one word: sex. But since we are only concerned with those who are romantically inclined, we will ignore the cynic. The answer is they want to see their woman happy. It is for her happiness and pleasure that causes the man to produce a romantic encounter. So the question that answers the first question is this: Who is more romantic the one who provides the romance or the one whom the romance is provided for?

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