Saturday, November 07, 2009


Welcome to my blog. I have deleted a bunch of old posts to make way for some fresh ones. I have deleted all the web links, save for those that I really like and the ones that are still active. If you look you will see that I have declared that the Mediaeval Baebes to be the greatest singers ever. While, it is hard to really say who the best singer is ever, I've decided to pick the group that I listen to everyday or nearly everyday. In my world then that makes the Mediaeval Baebes greatest singers ever.
All my short fiction stories will not appear again on this blog, as I already have all of them posted on fictionpress. It’s pretty easy to a make mess of stories on a blog, especially when they have more than one chapter. You would have to post the last chapter first and the first chapter last. Fictionpress puts them in proper reading order.
I will be updating this blog about once or twice a month.

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